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Housing Programs for Physically Disabled
Analyzed the potential of expanding Abilities of Florida's current affordable housing program for physically disabled persons. This analysis included a review of the organization's mission and extensive research of a myriad of programs and financing mechanisms throughout the United States. Recommendations included a detailed implementation plan subdivided by phases and by the organization's ability to financially commit to such a program. Abilities of Florida used ideas and information from this study to launch the first ownership program for physically disabled adults in the State of Florida.
Housing Programs for Developmentally Disabled
Completed a housing program analysis for Seagull Industries. Seagull Industries is an organization which has extensive experience with serving developmentally disabled residents in job training and placement, however they had no experience in housing. The housing analysis examined the need for housing amongst developmentally disabled residents, evaluated a variety of financing and funding options, reviewed other programs throughout the state and country, and provided a detailed plan on how to enter the affordable housing arena.
Formulating Overall Housing Strategies
Worked in conjunction with Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida staff and their housing board to formulate a plan to expand and direct future housing efforts for the elderly and disabled. The plan examined current market conditions and identified unmet needs. In addition, the plan evaluated previous housing efforts of Goodwill Industries and current staff capacity. A series of recommendations were presented and adopted to help govern future housing activities and efforts.
Development of a Long Term Vision Plan
Conducted a one day retreat with staff from Catholic Charities in Miami, Florida to develop a long-term vision from which to redirect and expand upon their current housing program.
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