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Housing Finance Authority
Completed a business plan for the Orange County Housing Finance Authority. This plan included an in-depth analysis of the Authority's single and multi-family bond programs, complete with suggested ideas for restructuring and improving these programs. This plan has been used as a blueprint for future Authority efforts.
Housing Authority
Provided a market analysis to the City of Orlando Public Housing Authority for its public housing complexes. The Authority faced major policy changes which would, in effect, remove federal subsidies and force the Authority to compete against the private market sector. The study analyzed Authority units in terms of rent, conditions, amenities, locational characteristics and marketability. From this analysis, each Authority complex was then compared to the nearby private sector apartment market to determine if the complex could compete and what rents would likely be realized.
County Government
Conducted a house-to-house survey, within the Tildenville area of Orange County Florida, to determine average household income and resident needs within the neighborhood. The results of this study were presented to the Orange County Department of Housing and Community Development and were used to determine the eligibility for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.
In a second analysis, JPH & Associates conducted a detailed review of Orange County's entire affordable housing program. The analysis examined the influence of such incentives as impact fee reductions, density bonuses, expedited reviews, impact fee deferrals, and other financial and regulatory incentives. In addition, the analysis closely examined the influence of such incentives on tax credit applications and on the production of both single family and multi-family housing units.
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