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Networking Organization
In 1998, formed The Nonprofit Housing Roundtable of Central Florida. Today, this membership organization has over 250 members and supporters and continues to meet bi-monthly. The organization's mission is to increase the supply of decent affordable housing by assisting nonprofit organizations with capacity building, expand funding opportunities, maximize training, and by providing a forum to encourage new partnerships and information sharing
Homeless Services Network
Raised $4,000 for the Homeless Services Network in Orlando from a local foundation to pay for staff to coordinate special events. Upon obtaining this funding, the Homeless Services Network has continued its relationship with JPH & Associates and has retained them to organize special training and fund-raising events/programs.
Administrative Evaluation and Program Development
Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation retained JPH & Associates to perform an organizational analysis for Golden Rule Housing and Community Development Corporation, located in Sanford, Florida. The analysis addressed the following areas; i) Creating and implementing a refined single family development program; ii) Evaluating the organization's existing home buyer counseling program and how it may be impacted by proposed changes at the County level; iii) Determining the feasibility of a single family subdivision in Oviedo; and iv) Examining future uses for the organization's administrative complex.
Faith-Based Grant Program
Provided consulting services to a large Central Florida church that raised and wished to distribute $100,000 of parishioner's donations. These services consisted of drafting general program specifications, interfacing with staff/board members to develop a quantitative method of evaluating /ranking applications, and assisting in the review of these funding proposals.
Underwriting Loan Applications
Prepared application on behalf of Florida Community Partners to perform credit underwriting, loan servicing, compliance and financial monitoring of loans issued by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. Florida Community Partners were one of four firms selected to provide these services. The total value of this contract was approximately $ 650,000 annually.
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© 2010, All Rights Reserved - Welcome to HUD Senior Housing .Org! Our capacity building for nonprofits includes The Nonprofit Roundtable of Central Florida, Homeless Services Network, Faith Based Grant Programs, Administrative Evaluation for Nonprofit Program Development, and underwriting loan applications. HUD Senior Housing .Org specializes in elderly grants, senior grants, disabled grants, grant writing, and community development funds for HUD housing projects. JPH & Associates, Inc. is based in Orlando FL. Our HUD grant writers include housing programs for HUD Section 202 and HUD Section 811, consulting to local governments, capacity building to nonprofits, and real estate services. Programs include grant writing for physically disabled, developmentally disabled, and the development of charity housing strategies. We regularly secure supplementary grant funding foundations, along with other grant sources which have included HOME, CDBG, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) Affordable Housing Program, Hurricane Relief, SHIP, Government General Funds, Homeless Service Grants, Emergency Shelter Grant, and Housing for People With AIDS (HOPWA). In addition, we have raised funding through the donation of land and in-kind contributions. JPH & Associates Inc., evaluates the capacity of nonprofit organizations by examining their internal management and staffing policies, developing budgets, identifying new initiatives and potential revenue sources, evaluating new ideas in light of the organization’s capacity, identifying unmet needs, and creating long term visions. Find out more about The Nonprofit Roundtable of Central Florida, Homeless Services Network, Faith Based Grant Programs, Administrative Evaluation for Nonprofit Program Development, and underwriting loan applications on this website page. Thank you for visiting our grant writing website in Orlando FL!
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